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Reimagining Theological Education is funded by a grant from the Carpenter Foundation and is a Convergence initiative.

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Summit Meetings

National summits each year will showcase some of the new, creative models for theological education that are already in place.

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New Models

Get a glimpse of how some are already radically reimagining theological education in inventive, out of the box ways.

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Research, papers, new developments, videos, organizations, and online resources that focus on reimagining theological education.

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Our Vision


Create new, out of the box models of theological education.


Train transformative leaders of faith communities.


Equip leaders to draw on the resources of faith traditions.


Form a more just, sustainable, and generous world.


Video and Audio from the Summits


Newest Models

Reflections on Summer Summit

Below is a reflection on the 2016 Summer Summit by Sean Witty, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Newton Centre.  View original post here. I sat in on the recent Reimagining Theological Education: Online Conference (June 28, 2016). To those close to it, the need to rethink the training of religious leaders is obvious. What is…

Aug 19 adminjf

RTE Working Group Update

Around the country one finds a vast variety of new forms of education and training for faith-based ministry. Some are highly specific to local contexts, and some are generalizable; some represent complete independent programs, and some are steps toward an accredited seminary degree. We believe that these diverse training/teaching organizations need some acknowledgment of the…

Apr 05 adminjf

The Praxis Model

Authored by Kelly Lamon In seminary cafeterias across the country, students are having the same type of conversation over lunch. “When am I actually going to use my understanding of… conciliar magisterium… oikonomia… Arminianism… docetism… atonement theology… etc., etc., etc. How much of this actually matters to my future work?” The cry for relevancy is an…

Feb 22 adminjf