Reimagining Theological Education

Reimagining Theological Education is funded through a grant from the Carpenter Foundation and finds its home among the initiatives of Convergence.

We are working to reimagine theological education from the ground up. New, sustainable, affordable models for training faith leaders are emerging all over the country, and we are featuring the best and most transformative programs.

This project is driven by multiple working groups. We are researching and publishing results on the most urgent questions.

For the new face of theological education:

What needs to be taught?


How can it best be taught?


How do we pay for it?


What new models can we create?


A series of annual Summit Meetings will feature the newest and most innovative models and discussions of the future of theological education.

Developers of the new programs, existing faculty and students, administrators, funders, denominational leaders, pastors, and others are strongly encouraged to attend and to present, or just to listen in.


Who We Are

Steering Committee

Alice Hunt

Brian McLaren

Stephanie Spellers

Cameron Trimble