Innovation, Invention…

We’re excited to host the first of two national summits on October 9-11, 2015, at Chicago Theological Seminary. This summit will feature the two-dozen most innovative and out of the box programs in theological education in North America. The shapers and leaders of these programs will be present to share what is groundbreaking about their curriculum, how they teach and market it, and what kinds of leaders they are seeking to develop.

But the National Summits also seek to create spaces for those involved in theological education in all capacities to openly discuss the changes that are occurring and brainstorm how best to facilitate innovation. We therefore offer slots for presentations by innovators, inventors, teachers and students in all kinds of ministry preparation. The National Summits are the first open forum where all involved in theological education can share ideas, discuss challenges and successes, and collaborate on new ways to train faith leaders for a just, sustainable, and generous world.

We’ll begin on Friday afternoon and wrap up by 2pm on Sunday. We hope you’ll join us to learn, share, collaborate, innovate and reinvent theological education for the 21st century.

Find more information and register here.