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The following are some useful resources on innovation and invention in theological education.

Resources on Reimagining Theological Education

Pedagogical Ideas for Reimagining Theological Education in North America by Kelly Lamon

Certifying Theological Knowledge and Ministry Skills by Philip Clayton

The Flipped MDiv by Brian Bantum

Operational Models and Educational Debt in ATS Seminaries: Why do we care? What do we know? What can we do? by Greg Henson

New Innovations in Theological Education: An Interview With Kent Anderson

Does the MDiv Have a Future? by James W. Miller

Patheos Series – The Future of Seminary Education

Educating for Agility: An Update on Curriculum Changes by the Academic Dean by Scott Cormode, on Fuller’s new MDiv model

How to Start a New Seminary Campus by Louis B. Weeks, President Emeritus of Union Presbyterian Seminary

Auburn Seminary – Seminary from Scratch: The Future of Seminary Education

A Seminary’s Calculated Risk by Molly T. Marshall

New Developments in Theological Education

Visit Hatchery LA’s blog for resources on new classroom models and church planting

Check out an article on the Farminary at Princeton Theological Seminary

ATS: Educational Models Initiative helps examine and develop new models of theological education within ATS member schools. Take a look at their website and read about their comprehensive grant project.

Center for the Study of Theological Education at Auburn Seminary provides resources on trends and best practices in theological education.

The BTS Center is a think tank that sponsors educational events, projects, and research inquiries in the fields of religion, spirituality, practical theology, and ministry. Through thought leadership and vocational development initiatives, The BTS Center equips and supports faith leaders for theologically grounded, effective leadership in 21st-century communities of faith and practice.

ATS Science for Seminaries Initiative

Merging of Gettysburg and Philadelphia Lutheran Seminaries

SCUPE (Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education)

Immerse: Context Based Ministry Leadership Development – Northwest Baptist Seminary’s new program

San Francisco Theological Seminary Center for Innovation

Hartford Seminary – especially graduate and leadership certificates

Centers at New York Theological Seminary

Starr King & the Chaplaincy Institute joint programs

Seminaries that are Changing the World, a program of The Center for Faith and Service at McCormick

Sioux Falls Seminary 3-3, 3-2 programs

Twin Cities School of Theology

California Institute of Integral Studies

Fuller’s Modular based MDiv

The New Seminary

The New Seminary on Accreditation

Seminary Extension – Baptist program offering course that count for things ranging from college credit to continuing education, including diploma and certificate programs

Auburn Senior Fellows – Auburn Seminary launches nation’s first multifaith leadership program for justice

Midwestern Seminary- 5 year B.A./M.Div program