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RTE @ OPEN Faith


October 5-7, 2016

On October 5-7 at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis RTE held a track as a part of OPEN Faith.

Over the three days of the event we hosted in-depth conversations on forming a network of theological education programs that included discussions on what your program can bring to the network, and what resources the network can share.

Joshua Millage and Spencer Burke from the HatcheryLA led a session on social entrepreneurship.  In addition, learned more about the classroom/laboratory model, program design, and more.


(all times are EDT)

Wed, Oct 5
2:00-4:00pm – OPENing Conversations: Network Building in Theological Education

Thurs, Oct 6
9:00-11:00am – Social Entrepreneurship workshop w/ Joshua Millage and Spencer Burke of HatcheryLA
The session will help you consider alternative income streams for your theological education program and give you a sense for how to build a platform where those streams might emerge.  Over the course of the two hours, you’ll hear information on the basics of social entrepreneurship and have a chance to workshop some of your own ideas. We hope that this session will help you reflect on your own context and what type of social entrepreneurship model might fit with your community’s needs or work you are already doing.

1:30-3:30pm – Bridging the Theo Ed Divide: from Pew to Seminary and Back
A conversation with Fernando Cascante, Jin Kim, Teresa Pasquale Mateus, Thomas Oord, and Patrick Reyes

7:00-9:00pm – Reflections on Theological Reflection: Why Is Theological Reflection Important Today?
With Charles Allen

Fri, Oct 7
9:00-11:00am – Hands-On Workshop: Theological Education through the Lens of Experience and Transformation w/ Kelly Lamon
During this workshop, you will explore how to incorporate Experiential and Transformational Learning into theological education.  You will experiment with individual learning plans which tailor curriculum to students’ personal contexts and needs; the classroom-laboratory model in which the contextual setting acts as a knowledge generator and experimental lab; and transformational learning objectives which focus not only on content knowledge but also spiritual formation.

1:30-2:30pm – More OPENings: Conversations on where we go from here?


Reimagining Theological Education: Online Conference 2016


June 28, 2016

On Tuesday, June 28, we hosted an online conference where our team and others presented prototypes in theological education for review and feedback.

If you missed this two hour event, you can still watch the recording on our YouTube channel and below.  We’re also eager to hear your feedback.  If you’d like to connect or have comments on what was presented, please submit them below or email Jeremy at


Here are some items we referenced that you might want to download:

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For details of Reimagining Theological Education: National Summit I, click here. You can also watch and listen to video and audio clips from the summit here.