Summit Sessions

Tentative breakout session for our first National Summit include:

•    Beyond the academic tome: where does theological dialogue take place in 2015?

•    Pedagogy

•    Online and Distance models

•    Best practices in not-yet-accredited theological education

•    Who are the leaders we are trying to reach?

•    Educating for the real diversity – the many faces of faith communities today

•    Preparing leaders for social change

Types of questions we will be covering:

•   Who are the future leaders?

•   What are the emerging types of ministry, and how does the ministry market look today?

•   How is theological education taught?

•   What is taught?

•   What are the modes of presentation – face to face, online, hybrid, apprenticeship?

•   How do we structure programs – what are the prerequisites, requirements, modules, certificates?

•   How can best manage certification or accreditation of programs?

•   How will we finance these programs?

•   What types of institutions are we serving – seminaries, churches, hospitals, site schools, interfaith organizations?